December 18, 2008


From the bottom of my heart…  Thank you so much for your support!  I ADORED creating cards for so many of you this season!  What a joy and what an honor to be able to create so many family Christmas cards and to be able to see your beautiful families and to get to know some of you a little bit better. 

Thank you so much for helping me to raise over $100 for our sponsored student in Guatemala!  Thank you also to the sweet and generous donor who donated the funds to purchase a new outfit (a huipil and corte) for Caterina.  I am so excited to see a photo of her in her new outfit!!  THANK YOU!!

My blog design services are listed in the left column.  In the right column, you will find my current design schedule for your reference.

CLICK HERE to read "Five Steps to a Purty Blog" post about how my process of blog designing will work.

Thanks again for all of your support!!  Enjoy the rest of this joyous season.

God bless,


October 30, 2008

Blog Design

Scroll down to see the various blog design packages that I offer.   If you are interested in blog design, check out the packages below and then check out the following links:
Please note:  Price does not include the cost of the digital elements kit that will be used to create your blog design. The advantages of choosing this blog option: You will have a custom look...your blog will never look exactly like anyone else's.

CLICK HERE to see an example of a custom blog design.

This custom blog package includes:

* 2 or 3 column Minima blog installation
* A custom blog banner
* A matching background graphic or color
* Up to 8 side bar buttons
* Up to 4 simply framed sidebar photos (if desired)
* About Me statement or graphic
* Simple signature graphic (if desired)
* Font work



This custom blog design package is very similar to the $65 custom design package.  The greatest difference is that the Blogsite package includes a link bar either below the banner or in a sidebar. A custom coded link bar can make a blog feel and function a little bit more like a website.  The links in a link bar can linked to other websites and they can also link to “pages” within your blog. The pages are actual blog posts.  I will link the links for you and I can create the actual posts and then you can go back in and “edit” in order to add your own content.

The cost of this package is $100 not including the cost of digital elements kit that will be used to create your blog design. 

CLICK HERE, HERE and HERE to see examples of custom Blogsites.
This custom blogsite package includes:

* 2 or 3 column Minima blog set up
* A custom blog banner
* A matching background
* Up to 8 side bar buttons
* Up to 4 simply framed sidebar photos (if desired)
* About Me statement or graphic
* Simple signature graphic (if desired)
* Font work


* A link bar under the banner or in the sidebar with up to ten links. I will add up to ten pages for you in Blogger (or you can create them easily on your own) but YOU are responsible for adding all of the content to those pages (it is the same as editing a regular blog post).




DIY:  If you are interested in installing the custom banner, background and buttons that I design for you completely on your own without any assistance, the cost of the custom blog package will be $45 (not including the cost of graphics) instead of $65.
Custom Blog Banner:  $40 Domain Set Up for Your Blog:  $20
125 x 125 pixel Custom Ad Square: $15
125 x 125 Custom Ad Square Plus Sidebar Code:  $20
Blog Button: Approximately $15
Photo ONLY change in a blog banner:  $10
NEW:  “Two by Two” Ad Coding for Your Sidebar with Custom Colored 125 x 125 “Your Ad Here” graphics.  $30

{All prices and package items are subject to change.}


October 22, 2008

Grand Opening

Hello everyone (and Nester blog readers). : ) Welcome! This is my very first post to my new blog!

A few of you might know me from my personal/family blog A Little Bit of TLC aka Guatemama. I have decided to create this blog to blog about creative type design, tutu making, card creating, yada yada. : )

AND, I am pleased (I think...I'm a bit nervous) to announce:

* I will begin to take on a few commercial Blogger blog design projects here and there. (Did I just say that? YIKES...hee hee) More info about blog designs below.

caterina* I am also going to offer seasonal cards from now through the second week of December.

$5 of each card design order will go towards helping Caterina who is our sponsored student from Guatemala through Mayan Families.


Card Designs:

Would you like unique, fun, customized cards to send to family and friends this holiday season?

I will be happy to help you to add a photo or photos and text to the card that is perfect for your family for just $15! I will then email you the completed (flattened .jpeg) file and you can then take the file to the print shop of your choice for printing!  (I also offer a print and ship option for extra me for details.  However, having the cards printed yourself at a reasonably priced photo lab like Costco is by far the most economical option.)

Below you will find the card choices that are available (if you click on some of the cards, you will have an enlarged view). 

Card design credits: Shabby Miss Jenn Designs, The Shabby Shoppe, Design by Dani and Me...Tera (thanks to Dani Mogstad from Design by Dani for the graphics used on the cards that I designed myself).

Please note:  I am very sorry, but due to time contraints, at this time, I am not able to design a different/exclusive/unique design for each individual customer... The card designs below will be the only designs that I will be offering (although, I hope to add a few additional designs in the next week or so)... and each card design will be available to an unlimited number of customers.  Thank you so much for understanding!


Above:  Christmas Blessings (5 x 7 card by me...Tera using graphics by Design by Dani)


Above:  Noel (5 x 7 card design by me...Tera using graphics by Design by Dani)


Above: Shabby Plaid (5 x 7 card design by The Shabby Shoppe)


Above: Vertical Stars (5 x 7 card design by me...Tera using graphics by Design by Dani)


Above: It's Cold Outside (5 x 7 card design by SMJ Designs)


Above:  Ornaments (5 x 7 card design by me...Tera inspired by Dani using graphics by Design by Dani)


Above:  Holly (5 x 7 card design by Design by Dani)


Above: Horizontal Stars (5 x 7 card design by me...Tera using graphics by Design by Dani)


Above: Glitter Frame (5 x 7 card design by SMJ Designs)


Above: Brown and Berry (5 x 7 card design by me...Tera using graphics by Design by Dani.


Above: Christmas Colors (5 x 7 card design by The Shabby Shoppe)


Above: Black and White (5 x 7 card design by SMJ Designs)


Above: Comfort and Joy (5 x 7 card design by me...Tera using graphics by Design by Dani).  This is my FAVORITE card!  I think that it is so unique.  I adore the colors and the verse comes from one of my favorite Christmas songs.  Love it!


Above: Velvet Ribbon (5 x 7 card design by SMJ Designs)


Above: Peace (5 x 7 card design by SMJ Designs)


Above:  Scripture (5 x 7 card design by me...Tera using graphics by Design by Dani)


Above:  Reindeer (5 x 7 card design by Design by Dani)

How this will work:

1. Pick out the design that you love and that will go best with the photo(s) that you would like to use.  (I am able to change your photos to black and white if you are interested)

2. Email me with your card request and with your FULL SIZE, non cropped photos . Also, send me your personalization information. Depending upon the request, I might be able to change some of the text on the cards.

3. I will take your photo(s) and personalization information and I will create a proof for you. I will then email you the proof for your approval.

4. We will discuss any changes you would like to make. Once I receive an email from you confirming your approval, you will then send me $15 via Paypal and I will email you the full size, high quality card.

5. You will then be ready to print your card! My advice is to save the file to a CD and then take it to a high quality printing facility in person. I highly recommend Costco. Yep, Costco...if you order fifty 5 x 7 cards, you will pay less than 20 bucks and all of your cards will be printed on high quality photo paper! You will need to inform your printing specialist of two things: Instruct them to NOT use any sort of color correction. Also, ask them to "bleed to the edge". I like to have the cards printed with a "lustre" finish instead of a "glossy" finish. Need envelopes? You can purchase small quantities of 5.25x 7.25 (size A7) envelopes at Michaels and at Archivers you can purchase value packs.  There are also several inexpensive online sources:  Click HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE

(NOTE:  I want to make the do-it-yourself printing option available to people because it is the most economical option...  However, I DO have a print and ship option available as well for extra fees if you do not want to go someplace to have the cards printed on your own.  Email me for details)

Blog Designs:

As time permits, I will work on a few blog design projects. Please check my blog design schedule in the right column for openings. I also have posted my portfolio in the right column.

I am fairly new to Blogger, I am not a "professional" blog or website designer by any means (I am self taught...I have been tinkering for years) and I definitely have my limitations but I think that I will be able to do a good job working on the blog projects that I will be taking on. : )

I will be offering THREE design options at this time. Option one: A custom design and installation option (blog banners and buttons, etc. designed by me and installed on your blog). Option two: For this option, I will customize and install gorgeous (did I mention GOREOUS?) BLOGwear blog kits from The Shabby Shoppe. Option three: As a side option, I will also offer a few DIY and Ala Carte choices as well. Check out the option details in the left column of this blog and email me if you have any questions or if you would like to discuss a project. I have listed my blog design options and prices in the left column.

CLICK HERE to read "Five Steps to a Purty Blog" post about how my process of blog designing will work.

If you have any questions, please contact me or check out the FAQ in the right column where you will find a TON of information.

I am brand new to this so please have mercy on me as I work out any kinks! : D I am looking forward to many new challenges. I will be limited in how many blog projects that I will be able to take on because my family comes first. Thank you so much to all of you who have encouraged me to step out and do this! : )


God bless,


October 20, 2008

Five Steps to a Purty Blog

1. Check out my "Design Schedule" in the right column to see if I am taking on new projects.  If I am booked, I can put you on my waiting list. Look over the  design options by clicking on the “Blog Design” link above and decide what might work for you. Check out my portfolio in the left column to see if my design style fits your personal style. Then, send me an email and we will discuss the project that you are interested in. We can decide together if I will be a good fit for your project. I know my limitations and if I am not sure that I will be the best designer for your project, I will refer you to someone you will love!

2. If we decide to move forward together, I will send you a design questionnaire to fill out. You will also need to pick out a digital graphics kit (I will email you a list of digital designers). I will be able to help you to decide which kit might be right for you...please contact me when you have narrowed down your choices (I will need to make sure that the kit will work for our purposes). You will then pay me for 1/2 of the design fee.

3. When I am ready to begin working on your project, I will contact you about making the official purchase of the digital graphics kit. You will then pay for the graphics and I will begin working on your project. Some projects might take a week or even longer to complete and other projects might take a few days. During the time that I am working on your project, we will be emailing back and forth very often. PLEASE check your email several times a day after we have officially started working on your project…I will have many questions for you! I will allow a certain amount of reasonable "tweaking" to the design before I install it on your blog...I really do want you to LOVE your blog graphics! : )

4. Pay the second 1/2 of the design fee and I will install your completed design to your Blogger blog. That process could take between 1 - 3 days. Your blog might look a bit "kitty wompus" during that period of time. ; ) But, in just a little while, your new blog will be complete! : )  If you have any questions, please contact me or check out the FAQ in the right column where you will find a TON of information.

I am brand new to this so please have mercy on me as I work out any kinks! : D I will only be able to work on a limited number of projects because I am a stay-at-home mom to a busy toddler and my family comes first. : D I am looking forward to many new challenges. Thank you so much to all of you who have encouraged me to step out and do this!

God bless,


October 9, 2008


How long does it take for you to complete a blog project? That depends upon several factors... Your blog package choice, what I have going on at home, the length of my toddler's naps, the changes that you ask me to make to your design, how quickly we exchange emails (that is very important), etc. A soon as I start working on your blog project, I will ask you to check your email several times during the day. During your blog design period, we will exchange NUMEROUS emails and it is very important that you are able to return my emails in a timely manner throughout the day. It normally takes me many hours to complete one blog project. Those hours could be packed into a couple days or spread out into a week or more. I am typically able to complete a project in a couple of days to a little over a week. I will try my very best to complete your project ASAP!

How long does it take for you to complete an adoption portfolio?  The depends upon several factors…  Besides the factors listed in the answer to the previous blog project question, there are additional factors that can have an effect upon how long an adoption portfolio project will take.  When you decide to have me start working on your project, please have your Birth Family letter ready for proofreading and please have your photos selected, etc.  Also, as I mentioned in answer to the previous question, it is VERY important that you check your email MANY times throughout the day.  We will exchange many, many emails and it is very important that we are able to exchange information as quickly as possible.  Your design time can double or triple depending upon how prepared you are to start the project, how quickly we exchange information, etc.  I do allow *some* changes to the portfolio design but I might not have the time to complete entire design overhauls.  It is important to me that you love your portfolio so I will try to work with you on minor design changes.

Will you allow me to request changes to the banners, buttons, etc. once you send me the graphics for approval? Yes, within reason. I really, really want you to LOVE your graphics and blog design...that is very important to me. With that said, one banner can sometimes take me many hours to complete and because my family comes first, I might not have time to create multiple banners for one project, etc. I will make certain reasonable changes though because I truly want you to be very pleased and satisfied with your blog design. I want you to LOVE your blog!

What is your design style? I love high quality, realistic looking digital elements and papers and I am fairly particular about selecting artists. My style of banner/button design is a collage, hodge podge and a sometimes shabby sort of look.  I think that white creates the perfect background for highlighting blog posts and sidebar elements.

How do you choose the digital graphic artists? Simply, because I love their work. : )

Will you be adding additional artists in the future? Hopefully, yes.

I have found a kit that I really love that was created by an artist that is not on your list. Will you be able to use that particular kit in a blog design for me? Maybe. : ) We will have to get permission from the artist first. Not all digital artists allow for commercial use. Please note that waiting for a response from an artist will most likely delay your project a bit. : ) However, I won't mind waiting. : D

You say that the price of the digital graphics that are required for your designs can range between FREE and just under $30. Why is there such a range in the price? A digital graphics kit will be free if: 1. I already own that particular kit and 2. The designer of the kit does not charge any commercial fees. The Shabby Shoppe charges $25 per blog for commercial use. Trust me, the quality is WELL WORTH the added cost. The Shabby Shoppe is one of my favorite digital graphic shops. If you decide to go with a BLOGwear kit instead of having me design a custom blog, I charge a flat fee of $45 and that fee will include ALL graphics and fees (there will be a small additional fee if your blog is a commercial blog).

Will you purchase the digital kit for me? Yes, I will be purchasing the digital kit for you on your behalf. Many times I will waive the cost of the graphics at my discretion but I will have to charge you for a commercial use fee if there is one. Because I will be purchasing the digital kit on your behalf, you will not receive the kit itself. You will instead receive all of the "flattened" blog graphics that I will create for you with the items in the kit (the banner, buttons, etc.)

Do you only work on Blogger blogs? Yes, at this time I only work on Blogger blogs. But, if you have a WordPress blog, etc. I might be able to create a banner and a few additional graphics for you, sized to your specifications. However, you would then be responsible for the installation of your graphics.

What happens if my blog breaks after you create it? I *might* be able to fix your blog for a fee but I can't guarantee that I will be able to get to the bottom of all issues. It is a very good idea to use the Blogger backup feature before making changes to your blog.

How do you create banners, buttons, etc.? I use digital graphics and Adobe Photoshop Elements.

How do you create blogs? I rework layouts in two ways: I use the Blogger page elements and I also manually alter the code.

Do you use graphic templates or scrap for hire graphic templates for your blogs? If you choose a custom package, all of the banners and buttons, etc. will be put together by me and even though I do have a certain design style and favor certain layouts, no two blogs that I custom design will ever look exactly alike. If you choose to use a BLOGwear kit, you will be using a high quality, professionally designed kit that I will customize just for you.

I have to scroll from side to side to view your entire blog and the blogs of several of your clients. Why is that? I design blogs to be viewed with a minimum screen resolution 1024 x 768. If you have to scroll from side to side to view some of the blogs, try switching to a higher screen resolution.

 Is there any project that you will not work on?  Yes.  If I am too busy to take on additional projects or if I don’t feel like I am right for a certain project, I might decide not to take on a particular project or projects.  Also, I am a born again Christian.  That is the most important thing in my life.  If I think that a project compromises my beliefs, I will have to turn it down.  Thank you for your understanding!!

Do you plan to offer other items as cards and invitations, tutus, etc.?

I offer seasonal cards and I begin offering them in November.  At this time, I am not offering my tutus for sale.

Do you offer custom digital adoption lifebooks? 

Sorry, not at this time.  I only offer adoption portfolios.

February 16, 2008

Adoption Profiles

I digitally design adoption portfolios for domestic adoptions.

Please email me directly for details and for a price estimate.  jasonandtera at gmail DOT com

Sample Pages:

daenacoverTINY whatourkidsTINY

extendedfamilyTINY funfactsTINY

seegforblog1 seegforblog2

A Few Testimonies:

“I just wanted you to know that our agency loved our scrapbook so much they brought it out at the last parent meeting (that my friends just happened to be at) and showed everyone.  Everyone loved it! And then they showed it off at the board meeting last month!  I just wanted you to know that you rock! : )  And my agency thinks so too!  Have a blessed day!”

“We finished our homestudy today and it went great!  I just wanted to let you know our social worker LOVED our portfolio!  He said it was beautiful! : )  I told him a very talented friend put it together for me. Thanks again!!!”

“I had my coat on, I was out the door, and the bell rang...guess who it was? Fed Ex...
Excited and anxious, I had to open my precious box to lift out a profile.
I can't tell you how delighted I am. It looks even better IRL than it does on the screen.
For real, I LOVE it. Absolutely LOVE it.
Going to show it off to the family…”