September 14, 2009

Not So Random Stuff

“Nothing in life is random, there's a purpose and a reason for everything that we encounter. That's the reason for this blog: to capture and remember the not so random occurrences, the rich events that make life what it is.”

Don’t you just love that?  That is what Gina, the author of the blog “Not So Random Stuff” , has to say regarding the purpose of her blog.  Gina’s blog is SO inspiring…  The posts are all about faith, family and making a house a home.  And, she features truly wonderful photos in her blog posts!  Her blog is the latest blog on my “must read” list!  And, I am SO in love with the design that we put together…check it out:


You just have to visit Gina’s blog in person!  I think that you will decide that you must add “Not So Random Stuff” to your list of reads!

Thanks again, Gina!  You are a dream to work with!

God bless,


September 10, 2009

A New Look for Susie Harris

Have you visited  If not, you should! Susie’s blog is filled with inspirational DIY projects and design ideas for your home. Susie also has a very cool Etsy shop that is filled with all sorts of fun goodies including customized family name signs (I have one hanging in my kitchen…love it!) 

Susie sent me and email recently and said that she was ready to give her blog a new look.  Although we will miss the beautiful blue from her previous blog design, her new design is lovely…it's fresh, clean and oh-so-Susie.  : )

Below, you will see the previous design that Susie and I designed together…I will admit, I have some serious love for this design…hee hee…but everyone needs a change now and then…  ; D


And, here is the NEW Susie Harris blog design…


The banner was created using a photograph that Susie took of one of the baskets in her home.  Isn’t this a fun idea for a banner?

Thanks again, Susie for trusting me with your blog!  It is always so much fun to work with you…you are so creative and talented!  I love trying out new and fun ideas for your blog!

God bless, Tera