August 19, 2009

All You Can Do is TRI

It is always a pleasure to design for Kelly.  : D  This is the second blog project that I have helped Kelly with.  : D  The title of Kelly’s new blog is:  “All You Can Do is TRI”…the tagline for her blog is “From Couch Potato to Triathlete in Ten Months or BUST!”  Don’t you just love that?!  Kelly is currently training for a triathlon and I put together a blog for her so that she can blog about her journey…her new blog is both inspiring and fun!

Kelly chose a BLOGwear design for her blog that uses a predesigned BLOGwear kit from The Shabby Shoppe.  I highly recommend BLOGwear blogs…they are fabulous!  If you are interested in a BLOGwear blog, check out the predesigned BLOGwear kits at The Shabby Shoppe…make sure to view all of the kits…there are THREE pages of gorgeous kits to choose from!  Once you find a kit that you love, contact me…I will purchase the kit on your behalf and we will then begin your BLOGwear blog customization and installation! 

CLICK HERE to see Kelly’s new BLOGwear blog design.  : )


Why choose a BLOGwear design for your blog? 

*  The designs are FABULOUS!

*  You can know beforehand exactly what your blog banner will look like.

*  The cost of a BLOGwear blog is just $45 including ALL graphics fees.

*  BLOGwear customization and installation is QUICK…on average, from the time that I start working on your blog, it can take me as little as 48 hours to customize and install a BLOGwear blog if we have quick communication!

CLICK HERE to view all of my blog design packages.

God bless, Tera

August 13, 2009

Mi Sol

I had the privilege to meet Carrie Pagliaro, a sweet and amazingly talented photographer and fellow “Guatemama” to two adorable children, during our adoption processes.  I was so honored when Carrie asked me if I would be willing to help her to create a web presence for her photography business.  Carrie chose to go with a blogsite for her business website.  Her blogsite will be used both as a website and as a blog.  Visit Carrie’s new blogsite, Misol Photography, and enjoy browsing through her beautiful, warm new home on the web!  You are simply wonderful, Carrie!  You are an incredible photographer and I just know that your business will be a great success!


God bless,